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“Digital task management, communication & reporting.”

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“Reduce production downtime and increase productivity.”
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“Save time & reduce operating costs with PlanRadar.”
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“Workflow optimisation across the building lifecycle.”
“Track project progress, connect your team and solve problems.”

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Sigma Logistic Solutions have signed a Sales Partner Agreement with the Austrian firm PlanRadar, to bring the PlanRadar Web Application to the African Continent.

Digital doesn’t mean giving up everything you already know: We believe it’s about making things easier. Whether laying the foundations of a building or scheduling maintenance of a facility, with PlanRadar your entire team is connected on one easy-to-use platform. Think of it as an upgrade, with instant results, in real-time.

PlanRadar is a business-to-business (B2B) Software as a Service. Thousands of customers all over the world manage documentation, communication, task and defect management through the PlanRadar platform. Recognised as an award winning product for the construction and real estate industry.

Planradar, a single platform for smarter information processes.



Track project progress, connect your team and solve problems for high-quality results, every time. Complete site management in one platform.

Real Estate And Property Management

Digitise your real estate portfolio. Flexible capabilities for all markets and portfolio sizes. Centralise operations with real estate management software

Facility Management

Manage daily tasks, inspections and maintenance all in one place. Drive efficiency with digital facility management.

Retail Property Management

Manage fit outs, maintenance, repairs and more in one place. Get the most out of your shopping centres and retail units.


Efficient construction, maintenance, and refurbishment for industrial projects. Effectively build and operate structures across industrial sectors.

Residential Construction Mangement

Seamlessly plan, build, hand over or renovate residential projects. Save time and money on your residential developments.

Infrastructure Project Management

Deliver heavy civil construction projects on-time and on-budget. Manage the lifecycle of large-scale infrastructure projects.

Public Sector

Supporting the construction and operation of government properties. Deliver value for your community.

Mobility And Transportation

Automate fleet operation and keep vehicles and equipment running efficiently. Manage and maintain vehicles and fleets.


Your Working Day, Made Easy.

Easy ticketing

Create tickets with your mobile device directly on site. Add photo, text, and voice memo.

Direct Communication

Assign a ticket directly to the responsible person who receives an automatic notification.

Digital Plans

You can scroll through the blueprint without delay and always keep an overview.

Easy - Fast - Efficient

Everyone benefits

Speciality Contractor

Projects can only run smoothly when all team members understand their tasks. The PlanRadar platform ensures access to current plans, documents, appointments, and contacts. Contractors can consistently implement their project objectives through direct communication with their clients.

Facility Managers

Facility managers and owners can stay up to date with developments. The project team can carry out scheduled tasks using PlanRadar and create reports at the push of a button. This means you get all the information you need in one application and always have a complete overview of the construction site. PlanRadar works in real time.

External Experts

In legal disputes, evidence is critical to prove your case. However, finding the right documentation and proof of defects isn’t always easy when information isn’t well coordinated. PlanRadar makes it easy to gather the right evidence for litigation procedures as information is well structured and automated.

General Contractors

PlanRadar provides clients and contractors with a comprehensive project management platform when working together and increases project efficiency by up to 70%. You can manage tasks, generate statistics and documentation or simply carry out security checks.


By simply logging on to PlanRadar, owners can get valuable insights into the progress of their project, understand the financial impact of changes and identify bottlenecks. This helps to eliminate costly large-scale changes. Detailed statistics provide information on open and completed tasks for all your sub-contractors.

Architects & Engineers

PlanRadar provides a fast and efficient platform to distribute drawings and ensures your team is working according to the current plan. You receive features such as tickets, voice memos or photos in real-time and you can react immediately if required. PlanRadar also works in offline mode.


Digitise Construction & Real Estate Workflows

Our cloud-based platform connects the office and project site, with custom forms, lists & reports for all your processes. Plus, it’s easy to use – get up and running in 10 minutes!.

Increase Efficiency & Profitability

PlanRadar users save up to 7 hours per week. Add that across your team and it means big savings for your project.

Collaborate for Project Success

Connect the whole team – from project managers to teams on-site, subcontractors and stakeholders. All have access to plans, reports and insights to ensure a high-quality project completion.

[Visit the PlanRadar Website]